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New Year 2021 Content Marketing Strategy

New Year 2020 Content Marketing Strategy

New Year 2020! Yes, we are finally in for it, whether it seems believable or not. And it’s a bit disappointing that 2020 isn’t so much like the futuristic movies we used to see back in the day. Or is it?

Well, we overestimated technology and the pace it would develop to this time – because there aren’t any flying cars, are there?

However, if we look into it, things have really gone pretty far! Think about the Internet, the power of social media, Cryptocurrency, the Tesla Cybertruck, and well… global warming. We have achieved all that with our fast-paced development, growth, and advancement! All thanks to the brand new technologies coming to life every day, changing the world around us.

Now, when we talk about change, the thing that strikes me the most is how drastically the patterns of communication have changed ever since technology took over our lives. Talk about businesses; let’s recall how businesses used to market in the 90’s! TV ad jingles, flyers, radio ads, and so many other distant and slow methods were used back in the day!

It took businesses a long time to make some sense out of their marketing campaigns while it’s just a week’s task today!

Think about it, if you’re a business owner in today’s world, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about marketing? Social media, Facebook ads, blogging, vlogging… right? Fast, instant, and so effective! Right?

Well, I am here to talk to businessmen about the same hot topic – your business marketing content and how you can use it to market your business in the best manner in 2020! So, let’s get started!

Smart Content Creation Tips For 2020

Stuck in the rut!
When it comes to blogs, video channels, social media networks, ad campaigns, email campaigns, and websites, people fall in a pattern of creating content where everyone does the same thing!

90% of businesses start their content creation with keyword research and then start typing it all out, writing, and creating what Google would approve or what their competitors are doing. Half of them even copy the idea from others and whatever is trending just to share the limelight with others.

Now, this is not wrong and is actually a brilliant marketing technique. But the question is – would your audience really appreciate you for this? Will they not notice the keywords stuffed in your content? Will they not notice that you copied your video’s idea from other famous YouTuber?

Think about it! It is big turn down and brands actually lose their loyal audience because of this. But what can you do? You got to be in the race somehow, right? Well, yes! And I will tell you how to do it the best way! Let’s preach you with the help of some smart content creation tips:

1) Create from Your Heart

Well, in the world of technology, this might sound a bit odd and not-so-smart but let’s get human for a while! When you’re creating content for your audience, know that there are humans on both the ends – you and them.

Think about the reasons why you started off your business and why you wanted to reach your audience. Speak to them every time with that passion in your voice. Inject that passion in whatever content you are creating! Share your story, share what you want them to know, share your experience, talk about their problems and how you can solve them, and do it with all your heart!

This is the same thing that works for social media influencers. Why do they get such huge amount of followers? They put their heart in whatever they do or say. Be it an actor, a comedian, a fashion blogger, or a mom blogger. All they do is sharing their stories, their experience, and a piece of their own life with their audience. This is how they connect with their audience – the humans! So, be human and start creating from your heart. Make your content speak for you and let your audience actually hear what you want them to hear!

2) Don’t Forget Your Brain

Well, SMART doesn’t come from heart so along with keeping it human, you also have to keep it real, competitive, and going. So, I advise you to follow your heart but take your brain with you! (Yes, I just inserted a cheesy quote in this blog, but well, I am writing from my heart ;))

You have to constantly do the research and smart work when it comes to sharing your content. Here are the things you will need your brain for:

– Keep an updated track of trending topics and strike while the iron is hot
– Keep your keywords research strong and professional
– Insert keywords organically – don’t stuff them like robots
– Keep your social media active and keep following the insights and analytics
– Plan and strategize your content marketing techniques to boost traffic
– Learn when your audience is the most active on social media and cash in on the same
– Run paid campaigns. Yes! Organic doesn’t work all the time!
– Get professional help for content writing services, whenever needed

This entire technicality behind your content needs the smart work and this is where you actually play the game of numbers, analytics, trends, and money. Once you create your content from the heart, get your intellectual side to work and do it all – whatever you can – to push that content to the right audience. The work in between will be a lot harder than you expected but when your quality content meets the right audience – it is where the magic happens!

3) NEVER Compromise on The Quality

Never, ever compromise on the quality of your content! This is pretty much a given but I feel this is the best time to remind you of this very important point.

Low-quality content draws-forth nothing but cringes and scroll-overs. No-one would stop scrolling to stare at a blur, low-quality image filled with text written in bright fluorescent colors and even if they do, they will just cower and move on.

Why would you represent your brand with such content?

I know no one does that on purpose. It just happens because of one of the following reasons:
– Lack of knowledge
– Lack of skill
– Lack of time

First, let’s talk about the lack of knowledge and skill. If you’re not good with graphics and are still creating them for your social media pages or blog, you either need to stop or seek expert help. There is a lot to content – especially visual content – than you might actually think. Amazing graphics and high-quality videos are coming in waves to your audience. Your competitors are actually doing it right – with the right fonts, right color schemes, and high-definition content. In such a case, low-quality content will just fail you!

So, if you think your content isn’t aesthetic – seek help from experts who actually know the deal. On a second note, if you can create some decent content on your own, first take a second opinion from someone who has an eye for good content. Professionals delivering quality content writing services, graphic designing services, branding services, and video creation services can be contacted for the same. This will actually save the day!

The other thing is lack of time. It’s okay! We have all been there! When there is no time to create the graphics/videos/blogs, you might end up doing a lousy job. Well, this actually does a lot of damage! Low-quality content is also attached to your brand and it goes negatively for your business reputation. So, plan ahead – for the entire week or an entire month and create content in advance. If you think some things need to be shared immediately, keep a professional handy. If you’re creating graphics on your own, using some free tools like Canva, it is best to use templates. This saves a lot of time and also ensures uniformity.

So, these 3 golden rules will actually help you create content smartly that will bring you more traffic and audience. Just know that your audience is human and wants to connect with you with good-quality, entertaining, and engaging content. All you need to do is know what they want to hear, create it from your heart, and find every way possible to get it to them!

After all these years of technical advancements, what has turned out to be the best for businesses is the way you can connect with people. It is simple if you know how to communicate right and this can be done with SMART CONTENT! So, I hope these tips will help you take your marketing game up a notch in 2020!

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think about these tips. I have a lot more for you, just stay hooked.

Shefali Chautala

Shefali is a daydreamer and a keen thinker. Through her experience as a professional writer and content creator, combined with her curiosity to learn, she lovers to write about stuff she finds interesting and informational.