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Editing and Proofing

Your content can make or break your business game!

The digital front is the new business space. Everyday, businesses create loads of content, business copies, and ad copies to carry out the digital activities. However, one mis-spelling can ruin the reputation of your business. Trust us on this! For business owners who want to communicate with their customers, prospects, and potential leads in a professional and accurate manner, Seven Writers is here with the best solutions. 

Whether you are a marketing agency, a product-based company, or a publishing house, we will make sure that everything you write and create for your business passes the quality check. Our experienced content writers and creators follow strict editing and proofreading methods to make sure no typo, misspelling, or grammar error escapes  your office. Our team has grammar nazis, literature experts, and qualified journalism experts who can test and correct the business copies of all kinds. With us, you can rest assured that your emails, social media copies, ad copies, website content, booklets, e-books, pamphlets, business write-ups, and everything else is thoroughly checked and improved before final delivery. 

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If you create your business copies on your own, we will take care of the rest. We work for big content creators like publishing houses, marketing agencies, and influencers making sure the content they create is top-notch. Proofreading and editing at Seven Writers go simultaneously, helping us make your content the best. With our knowledge about reader psychology, we help you create best-quality content that converts. 

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There is a saying for the writers ‘Write drunk and edit sober’. If you take on to the drunk part, we promise to be sober! Our proficient writers and editors can take any content copy and edit it till we reach perfection. We consider factors like SEO, grammar and readability score, plagiarism, tone, target audience, and everything else to deliver just the right message through your business copy. 

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Quality Assurance

Once we finish proofreading and editing your content copies, we will run them through different quality assurance protocols. With paid tools, expert analysis, and final edit of the copies, we make only the best content goes out under your name. Our QA process has several steps that help us filter out the shortcomings and  errors in your content. We make sure your copies perform the best on the digital front. 

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