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Social Media Marketing Basics For New Businesses

For a budding business, things need to be taken care of. From having a solid business plan to getting to know your audience better by planning the right social media marketing strategy, and everything in-between! There is so much to learn and adapt. No matter what your niche is, learning about the ongoing trends and tailoring your business strategy according to them can be painstaking. 

If you’re in a tough spot with your budding business, we understand your confusion. It might get tough to catch on with the latest digital trends and markets, especially modern-day social media!

Setting Up Social Media Channels for a Budding Business

Talking about social media, we know how daunting it can be in the beginning. What channels should you choose? On which channels is your target audience the most active? What content should you create? Many questions need answers. But do not fret! 

The experts at Seven Writers are here to guide your way. We have listed some social media basics that will help every business owner have their online presence. So, let’s look into these: 

  • Choosing The Social Media Channels 

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There is no denying the fact that users are swamped and spoiled with choices when it comes to social media channels. Many social media giants have the attention of users, and people are actively consuming content through these channels. 

So, once you start planning your social media marketing strategy, you need to choose among all the available channels. Your decision depends on two major factors – your niche and your audience. 

  • Which social media channels suit your business niche the best? 
  • Which social media channels are actively used by your target audience? 

When you have the answers to these questions, you can make your call. These days, the major social media channels used by a large chunk of users are:

  • Facebook (2.6 billion Monthly Active Users)
  • Twitter (330 million Monthly Active Users)
  • Instagram (1 billion Monthly Active Users)
  • YouTube (2.3 billion Monthly Active Users)
  • LinkedIn (310 million Monthly Active Users)
  • Pinterest (478 million Monthly Active Users)

Choose the social media channel that suits you, your business, and your audience the best! To choose the best social media channels for your business, you can seek help from social media marketing experts. Let us know if you need us to write an elaborate piece on How to Choose the Right Social Media Channel for Your Business?

  • Creating and Completing Your Profiles

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Once you are done choosing from the social media channels, it is time to create and complete your profiles. Here is a checklist for you to do it right:

  • Check the availability of your brand name and claim it
  • Create display pictures and cover pictures in the right dimensions
  • Add your logos to the profiles
  • Add all information like address, contact details, bio, about the company, your story, etc. 
  • Get everything verified 
  • In case of official profiles, apply for an official account with a ‘blue tick’ in front of your name

If you think it is a lot of work and you might not do it correctly, we suggest you seek help from a social media marketing agency. The experts know what’s what of all social media channels and will get it all done in no time. 

Once everything is set and done, your profiles will be ready for you to start posting. 

  • Following Relevant Pages and Accounts

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As soon as your profiles are ready, you will get suggestions of people or businesses that you can follow. Don’t forget to do that! It will help you set a good reputation on social networks and your business will seem like an active participant of whatever is happening in your niche and the rest of the world. 

Following fellow businesses will also help you set the niche of your business on social media, and you can reach your target audience in a better way. So, whenever your target audience follows the relevant pages and accounts, they will get your business page as a suggestion. It ultimately leads to increased reach and followers. 

  • Creating and Executing a Content Strategy 

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Now, it is time to start posting on your channels. Create an editorial calendar and schedule the posts on all social media channels accordingly. 

Start by creating a content strategy first and based on this strategy, you can plan a week or a month’s content. For instance, decide on what type of content you want to share with your audience that will keep them engaged, what hashtags you will use, how often will you post in a day, etc. All these factors will help you frame a failsafe content strategy for your social media marketing. 

Once you are done planning, start getting the content created. You can either do it yourself, or get a team of graphics designers, content creators, or social media marketers to work for you. Start posting as per your editorial calendar and execute your strategy in the right direction.  

  • Engaging with your Audience 

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When you post something on the web, users are open to commenting, sharing, and liking your stuff. They will have questions, queries, and even complaints about your posts. So, you will have to openly engage with your audience. 

Make sure no valid queries go unanswered. Keep tabs on your comments section and DMs for better social listening. By all means, engagement on social media will help you set a reputation for an active business page that cares for its audience. 

In case of negative feedback or comments, be more responsible while responding to the audience. Be professional and friendly while addressing the complaints and negative feedback given by people. 

In short, don’t post it to forget it. Come back to see how your audience is responding to your content and keep the users engaged. 

  • Promoting 

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Chances are your audience is looking for you, but not on social media. Some might be following your blog, website, or newsletter, and others might know about your business offline. In that case, you are missing out on your social media followers. 

So, after creating a solid social media presence, never be shy to spread the word about it. Add social media buttons on your website and blog, add your social media information on your business cards and fliers, share one social media channel through the other, and keep promoting your channels. It is the best way to boost your social media followers organically. 

Other than this, there are many paid methods to promote the channels that you can utilize with the help of social media marketing experts. 

  • Keeping an Eye on the Analytics 

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Budding businesses have to do a lot of work to set up and promote their social media channels. However, what results does all this work bring you?  

You will get your answer by analyzing your social media performance. Almost all social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. provide you with features to analyze the performance of your content. The analytics pages are in-built social media tools that will help you look into the statistics of audience reach, impressions, likes, follows, saves, comments, etc. 

Once you start evaluating your performance weekly or monthly, you will know which type of content performs better than others. It will help you revise and improve your social media content strategy. And you will start achieving better results with constant improvement. 

So, these were the basics of setting up social media channels for budding businesses. With a step-by-step process and a social media strategy in place, you can achieve the best results. For professional assistance, get in touch with Seven Writers, a content writing and social media marketing company. With our creative ideas and strategies, we help businesses achieve their goals and reach the heights of the digital market. Contact us today! 


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