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The Changing Face of Content: New-Age Content Creation

If you’ve had the pleasure to stick around in the digital space for the past few years, you must have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that it has been. As the business landscapes changed, the digital markets emerged, and content took over everything very gracefully and beautifully. No wonder why there has been a surge in the demand of freelance content writers, content creators, video creators, and social media experts.

The Major Trends of Content

Content Trends

If you look back in time, you will notice a drastic change in the trends of content and how we consumed it over these years. From hardcore blogging to vlogging, vines, and now reels, things have taken a sharp turn! People are no longer staring at a Facebook wall, reading a long text written as a status. The visuals have taken over the text and with the add-ons of fun filters, media, music, and whatnots, the content has become way more fun than it was in the early stages of the web.

So, the point is – if you’re brainstorming some amazing content marketing ideas because you’ve learned that content is the king, you’re just at the right spot. After my long rant about the evolution of content, I will finally move on to help you get the information you’re here for. Yes, how things have changed in the world of content and how to keep up with the evolving trends. So, let’s have a look:

1) Blogs – The perks of blogging


Do you still sit back and read a whole long blog? Well, I am betting you do because you’re reading this one.

However, that is not the case with everyone nowadays. People these days are too fast and too lazy at the same time – so neither do they have the time to read a 1000-or-so words long blog nor are they willing to (in most cases).

The age-old blogging where we only wrote and wrote and wrote about just one thing we knew well about, is kind of fading away. So, if you’ve been thinking about hiring cheap blog writers, think again!

But that doesn’t mean blogging is dead.

Blogging has found a new face, a new skin, and a whole new body! In previous years, blogging has widely shifted to social media. On Instagram, it is easier to find a mom blogger who is blogging her way through some amazing photos that make you feel envy and gives you baby fever, all together. Another place where bloggers are pretty active is YouTube. Here, blogging famously turned into vlogging (video blogging), and we all know how YouTube is the best place for that.

Besides these, there are still some amazing blogs that are doing well the traditional way and in every niche. People still love to write on their blogs. But now the blogs are usually accompanied by photos, videos, gifs, and other media. These media elements make them more interesting and the blogs are no longer just word vomit.

So, blogging has changed for the good. If you wish to start a blog – don’t just go the traditional way. There is a lot to blogging these days and if you plan the right mix of a website, social media networks, and media elements – you can be a successful blogger.

2) Videos – Because we all love things in action


According to me, the greatness of videos is underrated. Do you not get a feeling of wonder when you watch old movies? Do you not get filled with awe when you see your childhood videos or videos from a school performance?  Well, videos are essential! And with every phone being a camera these days, you need not invest in a video camera or a handy cam to capture a good video.

Besides, platforms like Vine, TikTok, Reels, etc. have given a new meaning to videos in the past few years. They are funny, motivating, informational, and did I say funny? You can see videos everywhere on the web. From YouTube to Instagram stories, you will find your social media feed full of videos. With some creative tools and techniques, users are getting better and better in posting videos and making them more creative.

A video speaks louder and clearer than your written blogs and even the pictures you post. Videos are more of a realistic experience where users get to see the product, service, or an influencer in action. As per facts, a video is about 60% more interesting than other still content. So, videos are a huge part of paid marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.

The Video Evolution

Now the evolution that videos have witnessed over decades can be measured by these changes:

  • The transformation from organic (reel-based) to digital (pixel-based)
  • The evolution of video recording devices
  • Changing trends of user consumption with increased usage of the internet
  • Reduced duration or length of videos
  • Smarter techniques of recording, editing, and sharing
  • A surge in video sharing platforms

So, quite evidently, a video is not just limited to a movie or a TV ad anymore. It has grown above and beyond! Videos are one of the most creative and versatile types of content that you can put to countless uses. From sharing your business idea through an explainer video to chasing your dream of being a comedian through YouTube, TikTok, or Reels, you can use a good video to draw the right attention towards you.

3) Social Media Content – In the world of show off and pretense

Social Media

Well, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that everyone shows off and pretends to be someone else on social media. Or do we?

Whatever the truth is, we can all see for ourselves that social media is an altered reflection of everyone’s life – a better one, a perfect one. It’s the perfect space for people to pretend that they are doing better than everyone else and that they are indeed happy! Well, kudos to those who don’t fake it but the ones that are doing it – know that you’re not alone.

Given the reputation of social media – where everything is glitz and glam, things needed to be just perfect! So, only the textual status updates, the lousy image uploads, and a character-bound word limit couldn’t do the magic.

From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, every social media network had to alter its ways now and then. They made changes to keep up with user demands and the trends of media and content consumption.

People couldn’t just always write paragraphs or song lyrics about ‘how they were feeling?’ so Facebook came up with a lot of add-ons for the good-ol’ status update. Now, you can tell how you’re feeling, with whom you’re hanging out, what song you’re listening to, what you’re eating and in what restaurant, what movie you’re watching, etcetera, etcetera. Not that anyone cares, but it is just more fun and expressive!

On the same lines, Instagram had to give up on the age-old idea of just posting pictures. It had to make amends – hence the Stories, IGTV, the Reels, and much more to come. Things were further perked up in the world of social media with the help of #hashtags, emoticons, stickers, and whatnots.

If you’ve been using social media for years now, you must have noticed the quality standards have increased quite a lot on these networks. Businesses have to maintain an aesthetic and active social media presence and the demand for high-quality social media content has increased a lot!

With these changing trends, I have tried to paint a picture of how content is transforming every day. Every new update that Instagram brings to its stories is a change in the world of content, every new filter invented on Snapchat is a new trend for content creators, and every new policy by YouTube is a new challenge for influencers.

So, you never know what the world of content would be from a week from today. It is an ever-changing, ever-evolving world and if you want to stay ahead, you gotta keep up! It might be an exhausting process but it is fun and it keeps you active on the digital front! Remember – content is ruling the world and if you learn how to create witty and quality content – you will always know how to play! Just hiring cheap blog writers won’t do the trick!

Shefali Chautala

Shefali is a daydreamer and a keen thinker. Through her experience as a professional writer and content creator, combined with her curiosity to learn, she lovers to write about stuff she finds interesting and informational.

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